The following are general comparison between image textile screen printing belts and polyurethane / PU / TPU / Resin Belts.
ROBUST STRUCTURE: The multi layered structure of Image Rubber Screen Printing Belts, reinforced with Egyptian cotton pre stretched fabric. ADVANTAGE: Natural compressibility. These belts retain shape throughout their lifetimes, enabling great printing accuracy, color absorption and perfect design repeats.
Resin / PU belts are made of comparatively rigid polyurethane and offer very low compressibility. This hold up printing accuracy and repeats.
LOYAL SURFACE: The rubber surface of image belts are highly resistance to printing chemicals and solvents (such as Acetone, Thinner and Ethyl Acetate).
The surface of PU / Resin belts offers very poor resistance to chemicals and solvents.
HIGHER RESISTANCE TO TEMPERATURE: Image belts offer resistance to temperatures upto 100 degree Celsius.
PU / Resin belts cannot effectively resist temperatures higher than 70 degree Celsius.
EASY REPAIRS:  Image Belts are much easier to repair in case of mechanical damages.
PU / Resin belts are harder to repair.
SMOOTH & STRONG JOINT: Image Belts are manufactured completely endless. We use unique ply built overlapped joint which is absolute smooth and strong.
PU /Resin belts are weaker in area of joint as it is not part of whole endless structure.
EXCLUSIVELY MADE: Image screen printing rubber belts are designed and manufactured exclusively for the Textile Screen Printing Industry.
PU / Resin belts fundamentally are conveyor / transmission belts,  modified to suit Textile Screen Printing Industry.