resistance to ageing 

Vulking rubber belts are resistant to ageing, usually ageing is related to unwanted increment of belt hardness in storage as well as in usage. Increase of belt hardness is directly related to development of cracks.

long life span 

Vulking Rubber Belts developed with more than dozens of properties. Which make belt life long and saves money. 

inclined edge 

Inclined edge is important for very good side stability. To make belt edge and border are safe with extreme pressure and development of hardness and cracks. We give inclined edge which is revolutionary and very difficult in manufacturing.

no inside joint problem 

We use unique combination of conventional and modern technology to prevent inside slight cross joint problem. This joint is always gives trouble in long time if manufactured using conventional method.

blister free product 

Our unique method of manufacturing sanfor belt makes our product blister free. Blisters often causes problem related with surface degradation, water markings and development of cracks. We try to make our product blister free form beginning to end.

good abrasive surface 

Vulking Rubber Belts are manufactured truly endless. The multi layered construction incorporates a special ability to integrate surface areas into sturdy part of whole belt, Thus it has good abrasive surface which is very good for shrinkage.

prevention from surface degradation 

We use highest quality raw material and composition to prevent our belt from surface degradation.

superior flex life 

Vulking Rubber Belts has superior flex life thanks to its very well composition which gives the belt proper elasticity and wear resistant. It has also very good rollin resistant.

non sticky surface 

Vulking Rubber Belts as known as belt for comfit and shrinking range or zero zero or sanforized belt has unique quality of non sticky surface which often avoid problems of slippage on running operations.  

maximum capacity for preshrinking

With limited risk of cracking and uniform belt surface, Vulking sanfor belts gives maximum capacity for preshrinking with most economic and feasible option.

uniform belt surface

Our rubber shows a uniform surface with major friction upon fabric assuring a higher shrinkage if compared to others. Elasticity and high temperature resistance allow it to extend the time between surface grindings.

limited risks of cracking

We use highest quality of raw materials and ingredients, no compromise with the quality and try to use the the best contents 

available in market. Our aim is to develop quality  our belt with limited risk of cracking.

uniform shrinking effect

Uniform Shrinking effect is very important factor. Vulking rubber belts made from best quality ingredients availiable. Which makes belt sturdy and robust, which is required for uniform shirking effect of long usage.

longer period between grindings

Specially constructed, a true endless 

rubber belt abandon the causes of internal cracks, which is highly require for shrinking accuracy. Unwanted increment of belt hardness gives space in grinding time.

fresh surface after griding

After periodic grinding, belt will get fresh surface with actual hardness. It gives the same shrinking effect as new belt, and improve the belt life too.

vulking Rubber Belt is used to remove shrinkage of all types of fabrics. It is produced from highest quality, dirt free natural rubber to give very high compressive strength to the product.

excellent side stability

One of the weakest area in the belt is the border area where the fabric is not processed. Vulking belt has excellent side stability, to prevent development of cracks on border area.

resistance to high temperatures

Constant facing high temperatures, tends to surface degradation and development of crack damage. Vulking belt uses best quality rubber suitable for heat.

no pin holes or porosity

Very carefully manufactured and always to attain zero error and priority to reach precision in all our end products. Very precisely developed without pin holes and porosity type manufacturing defects.