We use a special Design wooden box which will maintain its circular shape. The Belt is dusted with fine talc powder and wrapped in hessein cloth to prevent any surface damage. The wooden box is lined with corrugated paper to protect Belt from sunlight, heat & dust particles. To remove belt from Box, remove the two side planks provided with removable bolts. Insert metal Pipe and lift the Belt from carefully with the help of pulley chain. Remove the Hassein cloth from Belt packing only before installation. The Belt should be stored away from sunlight or heat source in a cool & dark place & should be protected from contact with oil, grease & solvent to prevent from deterioration of rubber.

  • Handling Guidelines

Keep away the Belt from electrical devices, electrical running motor & high tension field which is a source of generation of ozone which destroys rubber surface faster.

If Belt is stored for more than 10-12 weeks before use then it should be turned it upside down after one week removal from box to prevent it from permanent set deformation at one end. Then again turned upside after a week before use.